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Bride and Groom First Look!

A First Look is a moment the Bride and Groom expect to see each other for the first time during the wedding day. The First Look allows couples in a more private setting to share their special moment. Unlike traditional weddings where, during the service, the couple plans to see one another. Couples usually wait […]

Why a Professional Headshot photo is important!

Investing in a high-quality headshot, professionally taken, is an investment in your brand. Now that social media plays such a significant role in promoting our professional skills, it is more important than ever to have a headshot that makes an impact. Since every social media platform needs a profile image, in addition to more conventional […]

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photos!

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photos!

Getting ready photographs is crucial for the groom, as they create a record of what the groom is doing while preparing for his wedding. It is important to document this part so that the groom together with his friends and family, can relive every moment of your special day after the dust has settled down. Often, the […]

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photos

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photos

Before you schedule your ceremony with your wedding venue, keep in mind the sunset time on your wedding day. Many wedding ceremonies last 30 minutes and you can expect to spend about 1-hour taking pictures after the ceremony if you don’t do a first look. Using soft golden light for your photo session will make a huge difference! you want to make […]

Long Island Wedding Photographer

Long Island Wedding Photographer

Located in Garden City, NY is JS Visions Photo, an enthusiastic wedding photographer. Couples who are fortunate enough to acquire Jose Serrano’s services can be assured of top-quality pictures. The company’s owner, Jose began his adventure with the camera many years ago. An opportunity presented itself to him through unforeseen circumstances. Little did he know […]

Wedding Photography Style!

If you never thought about your photography style for your wedding, don’t worry, you’re not alone! We would be willing to bet most couples do not realize how many different wedding photography styles do actually exist. But just as you need to know your wedding style before you can start picking flowers or decorations, you […]

Family Photo Sessions!

Let us capture your family’s unique personality and style in a family portrait of glamour and fun photos. Our photographers understand the importance of making all members of the family comfortable in front of the camera and pose you in ways that reflect who you are as a family. #familyphotos #portraiture #familyportraits #photographer #longislandphotographer

Capturing all aspects of the wedding ceremony

Glass breaking at a Jewish wedding ceremony. The Glass Breaking symbolizes the destruction of Jerusalem’s Jewish temple. Throughout their wedding ceremony, couples include this tradition as it symbolizes the total intent of the marital covenant. #weddingphotographer #lonislandphotographer #NYCphotogrpaher #nycweddings #liweddings #longislandbrideandgroom contract.